Welcome Message

Greetings Touro University California! My name is Devon (Dayvon) Lee and I am the Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion. This position was created through scholar-activism and leadership and it is my hope to continue and cultivate that legacy through collaborative grassroots and administrative efforts that promote social justice.

The promotion of student diversity and inclusion enriches our campus. It does so by offering a world of lived experience and world views that are often denied an opportunity to thrive. This can only happen through intentional and collective efforts. It is for this reason, I would like to build on existing efforts and work with campus affiliates to create new initiatives.

Per the recommendation of the “Strategic Action Plan for Increasing Student Diversity at Touro University California,” We have created a campus-wide committee for diversity and inclusion. The faculty representatives for this committee are as follows: Advancement-Amit Pal, Lib-Jennifer Abueg, CEHS-Assefaw Ghebrekidan, COP-Rolly Kali-Rai, and COM-Eduardo Velasco.  The student representatives are Liana Hinds-Pereira and Marcus Chen. This committee will work collaboratively with the SGA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that the student voice is not absent in decision making processes.

None of us were given capes with our passion. However, a commitment to social justice weaves the best humanity has to offer into our cultural fabric in ways that make the imagination tangible. Diversity and Inclusion can only be promoted through intentional, collaborative, and sustainable efforts. Ours is a committment to creating new possibilities that build community around diversity and inclusion initiatives.

I look forward to continuing past and collaborating new efforts within and beyond the campus community. Please feel free to come to my office, send me an email or phone call to share any ideas, suggestions or concerns that you may have around diversity and inclusion.

In solidarity,

Devon Lee
Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His
Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Touro University California
(707) 638-5325



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